Version Release Date Description Full Release Notes
v1.2.18 30/06/2022

Sub-Study Action Buttons

Patient Sync Bug Resolved

MGBase Graph Changes

Total Patients UI Change

June 2022 Support Release
v1.2.17 02/06/2022


Security Patch

June 2022 Security Release
v1.2.14  14/03/2022

Application and Azure Monitoring

Implement Support for MedDRA in iMed

UI Improvements

March 2022 Support Release

v1.2.9  08/02/2022

Security Patch 

February 2022 Hotfix

v1.2.8  12/01/2022

iMed to MDS Import Improvements

MedDRA Search (MG) Functionality Fix

 Sub-Study Patient Enrolment & DM Fix

 Corticosteroid variable dosing schedule feature (MS & MG)

 January 2022 Hotfix
v1.2.7   13/12/2021  Corticosteroid variable dosing schedule feature (MS & MG)

MG (Myasthenia Gravis) disease module selector

User interface (UI) improvements

Improvements to the iMed migration to MDS

iMed 6.9 to MSBase integration - fixes & improvements

December 2021 Project & Support Release 
v1.2.5  26/10/2021

MG Sign-up functionality

iMed6.9 Upgrade - Support for MSBase Integration & MDS

October 2021 Project Release Notes
v1.2.4  24/08/2021

MDS Audit Trail Functionality

Data Manager UI Improvements

New Data Manager Functionality

August 2021 Project Release 
v1.0.91 30/06/2021 

Lab Test Web Job Fix

Alter MDS Migration Scripts to Accommodate iMed Remarks Field

Additional DMT's

Admin User Management Fix 

June 2021 Support Release
v1.0.85 03/06/2021

MG Released into Pilot

Application Logo Updates

Dosing Changes

MG Auto-Scaling Improvements 

May 2021 Support Release 
v1.0.84 31/03/2021

Pregnancy Hotfix

Patient Sync Repair

Sub-Study Eligibility Fix

 March 2021 Hotfix