Fourth MSBase Research Fellowship awarded to Francesca Bovis

Francesca is a research fellow at the University of Genoa where she is working collaboratively on a project to build a dynamic prognostic score by using longitudinal clinical assessments in RRMS patients with long-term follow up data.

During the MSBase Fellowship, Francesca intends to apply an innovative statistical approach, developed at the Harvard Medical School, devoted to developing strategies that identify the patient population with the highest benefit from the drug. This methodology provides a systematic, efficient procedure for the management of future patients, so that treatment may be targeted toward those who would receive nontrivial benefits to compensate for the risk of cost of the new treatment.

The aim of the proposed project is to implement this approach to real-life data from the MSBase Registry, and as a result create a set of patient-specific scores to be used to identify the best drug for each patient according to their baseline profile. 

Francesca applied a similar statistical method in her PhD scoring data from randomised clinical trials, the results of which were presented at ECTRIMS 2017.

Claudio Solaro will supervise this research project.

Congratulations Francesca!