The MSBase Imaging Repository (MSBIR) 

The next generation of collaborative clinical-imaging research in Multiple Sclerosis

The MSBase Imaging Repository (MSBIR) is a collaborative project between the Computational Neuroimaging Team at the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre, Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre and MSBase.


The MSBIR is a unique, global multi-site image sharing and analysis platform that accelerates clinical-imaging MS research in conjunction with MSBase.  Built on customized XNAT (an extensible open-source imaging informatics software platform dedicated to imaging-based research) instances deployed globally on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, MSBIR has filtering, search, and analytics capabilities that facilitate “big data” demands of global MS research initiatives, especially in the field of advanced imaging biomarkers.

In collaboration with the Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre (SNAC), the MSBIR provides individual researchers with standardized structural analytics for uploaded MRI scans meeting specific acquisition criteria. This data is made available to MS researchers through the MSBase platform.

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