MSBase Member Testimonials

"Not all questions we have about MS treatment can be answered by rigorous clinical trials. Trials provide directions. Registries provide wisdom of real life practice. Therefore we are part of MSBase."

Prof Eva Havrdova, Czech Republic

"MSBase provided me with a well-developed evolving platform for scientific research in collaboration with international, well-recognised Multiple Sclerosis experts."

Dr Raed Alroughani, Kuwait

"MSBase has allowed us to take local and national observations on the epidemiology of MS and study them in a truly global manner."

Prof Bruce Taylor, Australia

"We have embraced with enthusiasm the MSBase project and all our patients data are recorded in the registry. We are strongly convinced that it represents a powerful tool for a better knowledge of the disease and to obtain data in 'real life' MS patients."

Patrizia Sola, Italy

"Participating in the MSBase project is exciting: I can do international research from a little hospital."

Eugenio Pucci, Italy

"Being a part of MSBase enables me to contribute to this global commitment and effort to capture and record information about people with MS in everyday clinical practice, that builds an ever expanding foundation of knowledge. I can see that this knowledge will help inform the delivery of the safest, most effective and highest quality of care, now and in the future. It is exciting to learn from and be inspired by others questions and answers in their studies. Joining the dots together you see answers emerging to questions, and it is very satisfying to be a part of that."

Jodi Haartsen, Australia

"The experience of working in a global project through MSBase was very rewarding because at all times we have the support, experience and expertise of the group of professionals that are part of this important project. This is how the process of developing the idea, data collection, communication and publication was very educational to our group from the scientific perspective. This led us to look for more ideas and projects in order to continue this line of research."

Juan Rojas, Spain

"The MSBase Registry has become a major source of new knowledge. Indeed, using data coming from the registry and taking advantage or the more than 30,000 patient records, important studies based on 'real-life' data have been presented at ECTRIMS, and an impressive number of publications in high-impact medical journals have been published. This constitutes an important source of new knowledge, and testifies to the capacity of the international MS community to share and exploit data derived from current clinical practice. This MS Registry is now an incontournable component of the MS global academic effort."

Pierre Duquette, Canada

"On behalf of the members of the Zuyderland Hospital in the Netherlands, I want to underline the huge importance of the scientific output of the MSBase Registry for clinical practice. The MSBase Registry generates real-life data of the evolution of MS with and without immunomodulation and of the separate MS disease types. Moreover it generates important epidemiological data."

Prof Raymond Hupperts, Netherlands