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Long-term disability trajectories in primary progressive MS patients: A latent class growth analysis.



Several natural history studies on primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS) patients detected a consistent heterogeneity in the rate of disability accumulation.


To identify subgroups of PPMS patients with similar longitudinal trajectories of Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) over time.


All PPMS patients collected within the MSBase registry, who had their first EDSS assessment within 5 years from onset, were included in the analysis. Longitudinal EDSS scores were modeled by a latent class mixed model (LCMM), using a nonlinear function of time from onset. LCMM is an advanced statistical approach that models heterogeneity between patients by classifying them into unobserved groups showing similar characteristics.


A total of 853 PPMS (51.7% females) from 24 countries with a mean age at onset of 42.4 years (standard deviation (SD): 10.8 years), a median baseline EDSS of 4 (interquartile range (IQR): 2.5-5.5), and 2.4 years of disease duration (SD: 1.5 years) were included. LCMM detected three different subgroups of patients with a mild ( n = 143; 16.8%), moderate ( n = 378; 44.3%), or severe ( n = 332; 38.9%) disability trajectory. The probability of reaching EDSS 6 at 10 years was 0%, 46.4%, and 81.9% respectively.


Applying an LCMM modeling approach to long-term EDSS data, it is possible to identify groups of PPMS patients with different prognosis.


"Long-term disability trajectories in primary progressive MS patients: A latent class growth analysis"

Signori, A., G. Izquierdo, A. Lugaresi, R. Hupperts, F. Grand'Maison, P. Sola, D. Horakova, E. Havrdova, A. Prat, M. Girard, P. Duquette, C. Boz, P. Grammond, M. Terzi, B. Singhal, R. Alroughani, T. Petersen, C. Ramo, C. Oreja-Guevara, D. Spitaleri, V. Shaygannejad, H. Butzkueven, T. Kalincik, V. Jokubaitis, R.F Bolanos, J.L. Sanchez-Menoyo, E. Pucci, F. Granella, J. Lechner-Scott, G. Iuliano, S. Hughes, R. Bergamaschi, B. Taylor, F. Verheul, M.E. Rio, M.P. Amato, S.A. Sajedi, N, Majdinasab, V. Van Pesch, M.P. Sormani, M. Trojano. Mult Scler (Epub ahead of print, April 2017) doi 10. 1177/1352458517703800